-Administration Team- Edit

The Taco & Banana forums and servers are managed by a large admin team. The admins are hand selected by the other admins, and must undergo a trial period before gaining normal admin access. There are 5 levels in the adminstration team. Be sure to remain respectful to all administrative members because without them the server would not be capable of remaining up.

Senior Executive Admin - SEA Edit

- DaveBrown

Roleplay Department Admin - RDA Edit

- There are multiple RDAs. These admins are in charge of how Roleplay develops on the servers. They are in charge of running the larger roleplay groups, as well as running events on the server.

Super Admin - SA Edit

- Super Admins are very trusted admins. They are in charge of helping to run larger events, as well as running smaller events. The majority of these admins are in high positions in our roleplay groups.

Basic Admin - Edit

BA - Basic Admins make up the majority of our admin team. They are in charge of kicking and banning users and general server maintenance. Trial Admin - TA - Trial Admins are merely Basic Admins undergoing their trial period. They are highly trusted regular users, who will be accepted or denied as Basic Admins at the end of their trial, depending on their behavior.

-TnB HL2RP Servers- Edit

Taco and Banana runs four main servers. All of these servers are supposed to be up 24/7. They are...

Server 1 Edit

- Main CityRP Server. This server is TnB's most used server. It is generally on a city map, and is used for City Roleplay.

Server 2 Edit

– CanalsRP Server. This server is the canals. It is a place for both refugees and resistance members to hang. Note: that you must be ICly lead to the Canals to join. Once you are taken to the Canals you can travel back to the City or to the Canals whenever you would like. If you are NLR’ed back to the city based on either IC or OOC reasons you must be lead back.

Server 3Edit

- OutlandsRP Server. This server is primarily used by refugees - trusted roleplayers - that have been given access to the outlands. This is a restricted server, and often used by trusted RPers.

Server 4 Edit

- InnerNexus Combine Training Grounds. This server is used for Combine training events, and is representative of the InnerNexus. It is a Combine training server.