The Airex Scavengers originally setup in the Air Exchange Facility outside city walls is a resistance group founded to provide the anti-combine movement with access to large caches of supplies and stocks. Airex operate under tight security and secrecy for the well being of the camp. Thoes put to the task are trusted members of the resistance movement and have shown their dedication to Management. The group is divided into two main sectors consisting of Scavenging and Engineering, it also contains a sub-section of Medical staff. This group has now ceased to be, destroyed by insurgents.


Notable MembersEdit

Past LeadersEdit

Fanatic - Informaton Unavailable.

Hassan Berui - He took AirEx and reformed it. He offered aid to the refugees and made the primary goal of AirEx to improve the quality of life in the outlands.

Eric 'Que' Quayle - Took over as part of the three way leadership from Hassan. He was joint manager with Falcon and James Tipper

James Tipper - Information Unavailable.

Falcon - A controvertial figure due to his past and present actions. His OverWatch like appearance made many dispute his capability but those inside AirEx appreciated his talents and abilities. He was the last leader of AirEx, his resignation signalling its end.