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This handbook contains basic proticals and legal information. More may be added to this guide at any time. Please ensure your copy is up to date.


I. Employee Conduct Under the Combine Law Code

1. Employee Conduct with Civil Codes

2. Combine Citizens and Amaria Industries

3. Sociocidal Activities and Amaria Industries

4. High Crimes and Amaria Industries

5. Exceptions to the Legal Code

6. Compliance with Police Officials

II. Amaria Company Policies

1. Use of Amaria Resources

2. Use of Amaria Facilities

3. Use of Security Forces

4. Classifying Documents

5. Reporting Incidents/Complaints

6. Expedition Conduct

7. Radio Conduct

8. Equal Opportunities Employer

9. Termination of Employees

III. Investigations of Misconduct

1. Grounds for Investigation

2. Reporting of Misconduct to Civil Protection

3. Disciplinary Action

IV. Employee Benefits

1. Healthcare Plan

2. Transportation

3. Employee Events

4. Fully Furnished Living Space

5. Extra Rations

I. Employee Conduct Under the Combine Legal CodeEdit

1. All employees are expected to understand how the Civil Codes highlighted under the Combine Law Code apply Amaria Industries in addition to this; Amaria Employees are expected to have read the Combine Legal Code.

Civil Codes:
Larceny: No Amaria employee is allowed to take an article, on the grounds of research or otherwise, from any citizen in the city without that citizen’s approval, the approval of a supervisor, or the approval of COTA or Civil Protection.
Theft: No Amaria employee is allowed take an article by force, on the ground of research or otherwise. If a citizen refuses to give up an article and approval has been given by one of the following officials: a supervisor, COTA, or Civil Protection. Please report the citizen to Civil Protection.
Hijacking: Amaria employees may not hijack any vehicle, unless instructed to do so by a superior official. Amaria Industries does not support the use of ANY vehicle besides the ones in the private company fleet.
Illegal Parking: Employees are expected to park Amaria’s fleet vehicles in safe, legal areas provided by Our Benefactors. If one of these areas is not available, please ask a Civil Protection Officer to designate a space for parking.

Burglary: Under no grounds should an Amaria Industries employee enter a building with intent to steal or commit a crime.

Embezzlement: Employees are expected to take care of property entrusted to their care by a citizen, COTA, Civil Protection, or a supervisor. Embezzlement of Amaria equipment or resources is grounds for immediate termination.
Trespassing: Employees are expected not to trespass unless told by a higher official.
Bribery: Employees are to never attempt to bribe ANYONE. Employees of Amaria Industries are expected to follow orders given to them by a higher official and to never attempt to “go around the law” by bribing that official.
Fraud: If any employee is found making fraudulent scientific research claims they will be brought to answer to a supervisor. Amaria Industries is a Universal Union approved corporation, therefore, using deception to acquire or secure anything is grounds for immediate termination.
Forgery: Forging documents within Amaria Industries, in the research community, or as a citizen are extreme violations of company policy and ethics. Forgery is grounds for immediate termination and turning over of the employee to the Civil Protection Force.
Unlawful Assembly: Amaria Industries frequently assembles in large groups to work on research and corporate matters, however, unlawful assembly without the intent to work on company business or to illegally work on company business is a violation of the Combine Law Code. Amaria Industries doesn’t approve of ANY assemblies of research groups or corporate meetings unless you are clocked in at one of Amaria’s research centers or corporate offices.
Civic Disassociation: All forums of civic disassociation are considered to be attacks on company policy. If an employee attempts to remove themselves from the group on an Amaria research expedition the COTA will be given that employee’s private record.
Noncompliance and Malcompliance: If any employee exhibits behavior of noncompliance or malcompliance in public or in private, that employee will be turned over to the Civil Protection team for punishment.

Any of these acts, while on the clock, can result in a demotion, loss of clearance level, investigation of the said employee, turning over of the said employee’s private record to the Civil Administration Authority, and immediate termination from Amaria Industries.

2. Amaria Industries highly approves of employees applying as “Combine Citizens.” (See the Combine Law Code.) You can apply to be a Naturalized Combine Citizen at your local nexus. Combine Citizens will be given a raise upon presenting proof to a supervisor.

3. Sociocidal activities are taken extremely seriously. These include: treason, espionage, sedition, impersonation of a Combine agent, and obstruction of criminal justice. Any employee discovered committing one of these acts will have his records turned over to COTA, Civil Protection, and the Civil Administration Authority. An in company investigation will take place with the aid of Civil Protection.

4. Like sociocidal activities, high crimes follow the same protocol. These crime include: Crimes against property of the Combine, resisting arestation and remandation, refusing to cooperate with Combine Civil Authorities, and acts of an ant civil nature perpetrated against the social order.

5. Under certain circumstances your supervisor will ask you to perform duties that are against the Combine Law Code. Amaria Industries assures its employee and customer base that it gains all required permits and gets permission from the Combine Civil Authority before performing any acts of an illegal nature. Under no circumstances should any employee break laws without the approval of a supervisor.

6. Employees of Amaria Industries are expected to comply with police officials in any situation that requires such. Civil Protection Officers have the right to inform a supervisor of any employee who does not comply. Any employee who does not comply will face disciplinary action. If an employee is placed under arrest and put into a CCAPS facility while on the clock at Amaria Industries, that employee is expected to comply completely with police officials. ==

II. Amaria Company PoliciesEdit

1. Amaria Industries provides its researchers and executive officials with a wide array of technology and resources, which allow employees to do their assignments safely and efficiently. Employees are responsible for the technology and resources at their workstations as well as the technology and resources of their co-workers along with Amaria Industries’ facilities. Please treat all equipment with care and follow all safety precautions highlighted in the operations manual. Amaria Industries reserves the right to deduct the price to repair or replace damaged equipment from any employee’s paycheck.

2. Amaria Industries provides its workers with a safe workspace. Weather this space is provided by the local government and in the local Nexus or a space owned by Amaria Industries, Amaria employees are expected to treat their workplace with respect. Amaria Industries reserves the right to deduct property damage from any employee’s paycheck.

3. In certain cases COTA or Civil Protection may be used to ensure the safety of Amaria Industries’ research teams. Under no circumstances should any member of the COTA or Civil Protection be dismissed from these research teams the research teams are out of harm’s way. This is to ensure the safety of Amaria Industries’ research teams and the safety of the information that the teams carry.

4. Amaria Industries is responsible for the securing of all documents of a sensitive nature. Amaria Employees are able to view these documents based on their clearance level.

The document clearance system at Amaria Industries goes as follows:

Public: All citizens are allowed to view this document.

Level 1: All employees of Amaria Industries are allowed to view this document.

Level 2: All employees above level 2 clearance can view the said document.

Level 3: All employees above level 3 clearance can view the said document.

Level 4: All employees above level 4 clearance can view the said document. Corporate Only: Only corporate employees can view the said document. Research Only: Only research team members can view the said document.

Board of Directors: Only the company leaders can view this document.

Document Incineration (Requires Corporate Approval): Document will be destroyed.

5. Employees can file complaints against one another, if a problem arises. Employees are expected to file an Employee Complaint Form. This can be acquired by speaking with your supervisor. Amaria Industries ensures confidentiality and will handle complaints without prejudice. Some examples of grounds for filing a complaint forum are as follows: sexual harassment, unsafe actions, violence, breaking company policy, or breaking laws in the Combine Law Code.

6. Expeditions are handled primarily by your research unit’s supervisor. All commands from your supervisor must be fulfilled. This is for the safety of all of our employees. Employees are also expected to listen and fulfill all commands by Civil Protection and COTA.

7. Amaria Employees are given a radio to increase communication amongst each other. Communication is a vital part of work at Amaria Industries and it is recommended that you frequently check in with your supervisor via your radio. Company policy states that NEVER UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY EMPLOYEE CHANGE RADIO FREQUENCIES. This is a very serious issue, which can and will be taken as a sociocidal activity. This can result in immediate termination and the turning over of your personal records to the Civil Administration Authority. If there is an emergency, please use your CR device and do not change frequencies.

8. Amaria Industries is an equal opportunities employer. Employees are not discriminated against by regard to age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, or veteran status.

9. Amaria reserves the right to terminate any employee who breaks any of the aforementioned laws or policies.

10. It is expected that all employees follow the dress code highlighed by thier department. Your department head can highlight your department's dress code.

III. Investigation of MisconductEdit

1. Grounds for Investigation Amaria Industries may investigate any individual who breaks any of the aforementioned laws or policies. Other grounds for investigation are as follows: Constant complaints about an employee, supervisor suggested investigation, random performance inspection, Civil Protection or COTA suggested investigation, or corporate suggested investigation.

2. Amaria Industries reserves the right to report all discovered misconduct to the Civil Protection and the Civil Administration authority.

3. Amaria Industries reserves the right to discipline the said employee if the investigation uncovers misconduct. This discipline is at the dissertation of the said employee’s supervisor and depends on the severity of the misconduct.

IV. Employee BenefitsEdit

1. Employee’s are entitled to a health care plan under Amaria Industries. This plan covers treatment for all major injuries.* For treatment and to learn more contact your supervisor.

2. Transportation is provided for all Amaria Employees. As an employee you receive a pass on to all major citizen rail networks. In certain situations employees will be allowed access to Amaria Industries fleet of ground vehicles. High-ranking officials in Amaria Industries will receive access to Amaria Industries Air Travel Division.

3. As an employee of Amaria Industries, you will receive access to special events such as: Amaria Industries Softball League, Movie Night, Amaria Industries Social Night, employee parties, and much more! See your supervisor today to pick up an event schedule.

4. Nutritional supplements are provided by Amaria Industries to a higher grade than the standard issue rations. Depending on your grade, you can be eligable for fresh ingredients or larger rations. (This benefit is at the discretion of the Civil Protection officer distributing rations. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD ANY AMARIA EMPLOYEE DEMAND AN EXTRA RATION! Civil Protection may report this to a supervisor.)

5. As an Amaria Industries Employee, you are entitled to a fully furnished CCH room - details of how to acquire furnishings can be provided by the Recreational Director.

Amaria Industries thanks you for taking the time to read this guide and wishes you a safe and productive day.

  • Injury severity level at discretion of supervisor.