-TnB commands-
Chat commands

!a – Use this to send a message to all the admins on the server.

/me – A way of preforming an action such as: /me drinks the water.

/y – Yell

/w – Whisper

/r – Radio (only works if you have one)

/rw – Radio Whisper (only works if you have one)

[[ or .// - Local OOC

// - Global OOC

/it - Action of yourself or other object

/anon - Anonymous speaking form.

/pm - Personal Message someone with their simpson after, example: /pm James

/givemoney – Must be looking at another person, example: /givemoney 200

/cr – Send a Combine Request, only works if you have a CR Device.

/dropflashlight – Drop your flashlight

/giveflashlight – Give a person your flashlight
Keyboard commands

F1 – Help Guide Menu

F3 –Citizen Settings

F4 – Own doors, if your a Civil Protection, look at a citizen and click F4, a menu pops up to search or get their CID.
Console commands

rp_selectcpmodel – Bring up the cp model choices if you’re flagged as a cp

rp_headbob <1/0> - Toggle head bob movement

rp_toggleholster – Toggle holstering flashlight or fists

rp_changecharacter <namer> – Change your current character's name (does not create a new character)

set_name <name> - Create a new character

rp_ramdoor – Ram a door, or you can use the Hand SWEP

rp_loans – If you’re a cp you can check to see which people owe loans

rp_listsaves – Lists all of your characters

rp_deletesave – Delete a character (put quotation marks around the name)

rp_animslist – Get a list of all the player Animations

rp_soundlist – Get a list of all combine Sounds (must be a CP)

rp_combineroster – Get a list of all the people who are the combine

rp_proplog [Amount of logs] – Get a log of prop spawning

rp_toollist [Amount of logs – Get a log of tool gun actions

rp_asay – Speak to an admin