Minor Cuts Edit

1. Clean the Wound, this can be done with just some toilet roll or a clean cloth and some warm water.

2. Wrap up the wound. Plaster, bandage, just stop it getting infected.

3. Leave to heal.

Yes, a minor cut really is that simple!

Major Cuts Edit

1. Stop the bleeding. Apply pressure to the area, preferably with a rag or cloth over the wound. Tourniquet around the vein on the arm/leg is possible if it is an injured limb.

2. Clean the wound, if possible without making it bleed. Use pure alcohol if you have some to sterelise it, or some Hydrogen Peroxide or something if you keep some handy. I always use the peroxide and alcohol, but there are more, just google them.

3. Bandage the wound. Anything from a cloth to a proper bandage will be fine. Try and get it as clean as possible though.

4. Get to the hospital/a doctor to check your job. Maybe a SHIELD unit if it wasn't caused by the CP in the first place.

Burns Edit

1. First and Second Degree, hold under cool water/bag of cool water. Third degree, get to a trained medic fast.

2. Get to the hospital to get something applied, depending on the severity.

Broken Limbs Edit

1. Hold it steady and get to a hospital to get it checked out.

Death Edit

1.Bury the body or something. (Thanks Raviool, Good advice. Gamer.)