Medical Association of the People is a Taconbanana Medical Rp group started in August 2008 by me, Juzion. The main focus of this group is to give citizens health care and a place to stay when times are tough. People in this group try not to be involved with the resistance, since it's supported by the Combine Civil Authority. Two branches are in it, for medical roleplayers and non-medical roleplayers. The Medical Staff and Non-medical staff. The Cheif of Staff, or Vladimir Dostoevsky(Me) leads both branches if the need arises. But the Cheif of Staff usually gives control of the Non-Medical Staff to the Non-Medical Manager(pink).

This was started as a group of friends who wanted some medical RP, which has been and hopefully always will be cool and awesome. I know MAP has joined AntiFa(Apparently) and a bunch of weird stuff while I took a break, but we're past that now. And I hope you all will enjoy our roleplay :P