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This wiki was created/edited/whatever to provide useful information to all people who play on the Taco N' Banana tacoscript servers.

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The TnB Wiki team (gamer_cad, Stratofarius and everyone who contributed.

Added: I've started copying guides over from the forums, should they be needed.


The City

Sector 11

Sector 17

Sector 18

Sector 45

Precinct 13

The Canals

Station 1

Station 2

Station 3

Station 4

The Outlands

White Forest

Forest Wastes

The Coast


Amaria Industries

Misc Guides

How to Treat Wounds

Basic CCA Guide (created by Renzone)

Loyalism Guide

How to Toggle Duck (Not by me, but works very well. Gamer.)

More Guides on the Forums